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MDT 2019-2020

The following students will be enrolled in the full year, 7th period class.  Please watch the mail in May for some important info regarding our mandatory summer workshop. Great auditions everyone!

Anson Bagley (11)
Bodie Hollingsworth (11)
Brandon Welker (10)
Dallin Curtis (10)
**Dallin Trickett (11)
Daniel Lefgren (12)
Ethan Smith (11)
Evan Clark (10)
Gage White (12)
Luke Gonzalez (12)
Rhett Butler (12)
Sam Cooper (12)
Staley Binks (11)
Teki Wolfgramm (12)

Alana Bennett (11)
Alyssa Buckner (11)
Annabelle Durham (12)
Ari Curtis (12)
Avery Empey (10)
Darcy Brumfield (11)
Delilah Tanner (11)
Ellie Lawson (12)
Emma Otis (11)
Hannah Van Leeuwen (12)
Joslynn Tatton (12)
Kylie Hallett (10)
Malia Warden (12)
Nella Lee (10)
Savannah Cobb (12)
Saylor Miller (11)

** SEE Mr. Eaton ASAP…
***You MUST be concurrently enrolled in ONE of the following courses: Theatre 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Co., Drill, Cadence or Madrigals… take BYU Independent Study classes, early morning seminary, test out of PE and do online Financial Lit to open up your schedules.  Theatre 1 and 2 are semester only courses if that is easiest.***

Dance Company Performance!

RHS Drill Team Audition Packet

Audition Meeting:  March 13th @ 7:00
Auditions:  April 10-11th

2019-2020 Dance Company Audition Packet


wolf 2

Summer Dr. Ed. Classes

June & July 2019

CLICK here to go the RHS SUMMER DR ED page

Taking RHS Dr. Ed. this year?

Students: You must have a learner permit before the 1st day of class.
Student & 1 parent/guardian are required to attend Parent/Teen Night.

ZERO FATALITIES Parent/Teen Nights

  4th Qtr — Monday, April 1st @ Bingham HS
All presentations are at 7:00-8:15 p.m. in the Auditorium
Click here for more details 

Applying for college?  Need some help?

Great information can be found on our Counseling Center website.  Another good resources is the Fair Opportunity Project Guide.  This is a a free resource designed to help students with college admission and financial aid.

The SafeUT Crisis & Tipline Services is a new tool designed to provide confidential two-way communication with licensed clinicians.  The UNI CrisisLine provides 24/7 crisis intervention and emotional support to anyone in any type of crisis.  Students can also use the SafeUT phone app or website to send non-crisis tips to school officials regarding topics such as bullying, cyberbullying, gang activity, drug & alcohol activity, and more.  All tips are completely anonymous.

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