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Sophomore and Senior
College Prep Day
November 9th

  Sophomores will come at 7:30 for the Pre-ACT Test.  Seniors have a late start and will come at 9:00 for important information about College Admissions and Financial Aid.  Juniors do NOT have class on the 9th.
Everyone is dismissed at 11:30 (lunch will be served at 11:00).

Applying for college?  Need some help?

Great information can be found on our Counseling Center website.  Another good resources is the Fair Opportunity Project Guide.  This is a a free resource designed to help students with college admission and financial aid.

Riverton High APP!

Download the Riverton High Silverwolf APP onto your phone today.  The APP will keep you updated on events, has a GPA caculator, even a GPS feature that shows you exactly where you are in the school.  It is awesome.  Go to Itunes and search for the Riverton High Silverwolf APP.  It is free.

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 Main Office Hours

If you need to pay fees or fines, the main office can take money from 7:00 am to 2:45 pm.

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