School Mascot


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Photo of Erin Dea
Erin Dea Family and Consumer Science
Photo of Brian DeVries
Brian DeVries Counselor (Students P-So)
Photo of Robyn Dulco
Robyn Dulco Special Education
Photo of Clin Eaton
Clin Eaton Department Chair Performing Arts
Photo of Joseph Edman
Joseph Edman Mathematics
Photo of Katelyn Elliott
Katelyn Elliott Head Softball Coach Health and Physical Education
Photo of Ron Ence
Ron Ence Health and Physical Education
Photo of Chase Englestead
Chase Englestead Department Chair — Physical Education
Photo of Candy Foringer
Candy Foringer Special Education
Photo of Kelli Frank
Kelli Frank Language Arts
Photo of Janet Frazier
Janet Frazier School Psychologist
Photo of Steve Galley
Steve Galley Department Chair — Driver’s Ed and Careers
Photo of Celeste Giron
Celeste Giron Department Chair — FACS
Photo of Scott Gunther
Scott Gunther Language Arts
Photo of Jay Hales
Jay Hales Department Chair — Trade and Industry
Photo of Jocelyn Harris
Jocelyn Harris Speech/Language Specialist
Photo of Robyn Harris
Robyn Harris Department Chair — Art
Photo of Dan Henderson
Dan Henderson Athletic Director Mathematics