School Mascot


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Photo of Michelle Miles
Michelle Miles Library/Media Specialist
Photo of Shauna Mitchell
Shauna Mitchell Art, English
Photo of Paul Moizer
Paul Moizer Language Arts
Photo of Jody Morgan
Jody Morgan Head Football Coach Health and Physical Education
Photo of Cindy Morrey
Cindy Morrey Department Chair — Business
Photo of Robert Morris
Robert Morris World Languages
Photo of Megan Murdock
Megan Murdock Language Arts
Photo of Shaylee Nielsen
Shaylee Nielsen Health and Physical Education
Photo of Steve Nyhus
Steve Nyhus Trade and Industry
Photo of Malina Oberg
Malina Oberg Mathematics
Photo of Vicki Olsen
Vicki Olsen Business
Photo of Belva Parks
Belva Parks Mathematics
Photo of Jerry Payne
Jerry Payne Head Counselor (Students Sp-Z)
Photo of Trudy Pecorelli
Trudy Pecorelli Health and Physical Education
Photo of Brynn Perkins
Brynn Perkins Performing Arts
Photo of Michael Perry
Michael Perry Mathematics