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Land Trust


In compliance with State Legal Statutes, we are giving you a summary of what
Riverton High School is doing with its Land Trust State funding to the mid-year
point. To this point, we have spent funds for providing the Math department
with additional teachers to help support and give instruction to our students. This
support has also allowed us to create an intervention math class to support students
that are not grasping mathematical concepts. We’ve also allowed teachers to go
to training conferences on Professional learning Communities, Accreditation, and
more. These conferences focus on how teachers can use collaboration to evaluate
student learning and find the best way to help students learn. Land Trust funds
provided training, materials and equipment needed to participate in these national
conferences. The Community Council is discussing the best use for these funds to
benefit student learning. All of these requisitions from Land Trust have directly
influenced student learning and we will see future benefits for each student from
our educational trainings.

Thank you