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Trade and Industry

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Photo of Sam Adams
Sam Adams Custodian
Photo of Stephanie Alger
Stephanie Alger Cafeteria Worker
Photo of Sherie Allen
Sherie Allen Main Office Assistant
Photo of Kori Archibald
Kori Archibald Counseling Assistant and Testing Coordinator
Photo of Lisl Barney
Lisl Barney Career Center Assistant
Photo of Natalie Bartholomew
Natalie Bartholomew Counselor (Students Can-Far)
Photo of Corissa Beck
Corissa Beck Attendance Office Secretary
Photo of Tori Bogenshutz
Tori Bogenshutz Child Care Lab Assistant
Photo of Heidi Browning
Heidi Browning Fixed Asset Inventory Assistant
Photo of JoDee Burke
JoDee Burke Library Assistant
Photo of Maryann Carter
Maryann Carter Cafeteria Worker
Photo of Sharlynn Carter
Sharlynn Carter Assistant Registrar
Photo of Tonia Chavez
Tonia Chavez Cafeteria Worker
Photo of Chris Christensen
Chris Christensen Counselor (Students A – Cam)
Photo of Marianne Crapo
Marianne Crapo Counseling Office Assistant
Photo of Anna Davis
Anna Davis Cafeteria Worker
Photo of Michael Densley
Michael Densley Payroll Secretary
Photo of Brian DeVries
Brian DeVries Head Counselor (Students Po-Sto)
Photo of Barbara Dillman
Barbara Dillman Special Ed Secretary